The Bretagne de Penhors surf school is open from April to November and offers surfing, bodyboarding and stand up paddle lessons for all levels. We essentially work on session or internship formulas during all periods of school holidays. But you are free to contact us to organize lessons outside these periods. We are here and available to teach you how to surf or to perfect your surfing and pass on our passion to you.

The lessons have been taught by state-certified instructors for more than 10 years for rapid learning. The FFS license is included in the price.

For the Club Formula in the term on Saturday or Wednesday, inquire at the school.

All lessons include the loan of equipment (board, wetsuit, leash, fax).
After your course you have the possibility of rent the equipment!

Discover our rates per session and our weekly courses

Rates include instruction for all levels by a qualified instructor, loan of equipment (board and 4/3 mm wetsuit) and changing room. Insurance (Federal License) is included in all the different formulas.

[pricetable title=”1 Session
2h” price=”45 €*” color=”#34495e”][spec]Monday to Saturday[/spec][spec]Minimum age 5 years[/spec][spec]* 100 € individual session of 1h30
(1/ 2 people)[/spec][/pricetable]
[pricetable title=”3 Session
2h” price=”125 €” color=”#1abc9c”][spec]Monday to Saturday[/spec][spec]Minimum age 5 years[/spec ][spec]-[/spec][/pricetable]
[pricetable title=”2h week course” price=”175 €” color=”#3498DB”][spec]2h per day[/spec][spec]Monday to Friday[/spec][spec]Age minimum 5 years[/spec][/pricetable]
[pricetable title=”Full Time Weekly Course” price=”300 €” color=”#2ECC71″][spec]2h x 2h per day[/spec][spec]Monday to Friday[/spec][spec]Minimum age 12 years old[/spec][/pricetable]

The Brittany Surf School in Penhors also offers 2 options for learning or improving your skills in stand up paddle. The latest in board sports, which is practiced standing on a large surfboard with a paddle. This discipline is immediately accessible for surfing in the waves.

[pricetable title=”SUP Wave 1h” price=”70 €*” color=”#3498DB”][spec]*Private lesson[/spec][spec]Monday to Saturday[/spec][spec] Minimum age 12 years[/spec][/pricetable]
[pricetable title=”SUP Wave 1h” price=”55 €*” color=”#2ECC71″][spec]*session 2/3 people[/spec][spec]Monday to Saturday[/spec] [spec]Minimum age 12 years[/spec][/pricetable]